Mu online server and all you need to know about it!

MU Online is a name that every online gamer will be familiar with. It was developed by a Korean gaming company in the year 2001 and has been popular since its beginning. Like various MMORPGs, the gaming characters in mu online server are also diversified into classes, all of which are different from one another. Therefore, if you are a novice and want to learn more about it, then refer to the article that follows.

MU continent and its key features

Each and every player of MU online has to create his/her own character that can belong to eight different classes and then begin with the actual game. These characters are the ones who decide the fate of the player in the MU dimension. They need to confront and combat different monsters or enemies (mobs) in order to level themselves up and that can take place with the rise in their victories and achievements. The MU continent is populated with a whole range of monsters which include:

  • Goblins
  • Golems
  • Gorgons or Selupan
  • Kundun

These creatures are endowed with peculiar monster-like qualities ranging from horrible to comparatively simple appearances. They have unique spawn points and give rise to different products.

Mechanism of the duel in MU world

During a fight, each player has to obstruct the attack of his opponent within a set time limit and this can be done with appropriate skills only.  One must be well-versed with the self-defense tactics and should employ them while playing in mu online server. The extent of your success will be determined by the kind of players you put to use during a battle. Therefore, your self-defense strategies have great significance in MU Online. Now let us go through the different character classes which are available in MU online. This will help in gaining insight regarding their use for a better Gameplay:

  • Dark Wizard
  • Dark Knight
  • Elf
  • Magic Gladiator
  • Dark Lord

Among these characters, Magic Gladiator and Dark Lord can be unlocked by the player with his progress in the game. Further, they can purchase character cards and use their powers and items for achieving victories. Each one of the aforementioned characters makes use of spells, weapons, wings, physical abilities and stamina for overcoming the enemy and getting hold of a good sum of loot. So play MU Online today!