What to do in the aftermath of the fire damage?

A fire accident wreaks havoc on your property, life and your peace of mind. It is not just the flames that damage a structure but also smoke and soot can do much ravage on items and possessions that flames did not. Fire restoration process can reverse the damage caused by fire in your home and you can get back to normalcy as quickly as possible. Each restoration specialists offer wide range of services however, follows the same pattern. We will look in brief, so that you will be better, informed and know what to expect in the event of fire damage.

Steps for fire damage repair:

1. Emergency contact

24-hour emergency fire damage restoration services are there just to arrive immediately when called to provide immediate relief for your property. Always keep emergency contact of companies that provide 24-hour service. Though it is the job of the emergency services and fire department to put out the fire, yet you may still need fire damage restoration services as quickly to prevent the damage from spreading through your property.

2. Assessment

After the fire has been put out, the next step is to assess the extent of damage of the property; this will involve looking for how far the fire, smoke and the soot have reached through the property and how badly your furniture and walls are affected.

3. Trap and sealing services

Once the process of fire damage repair and restoration begins, the main priority will be to contain the damage from spreading more rapidly. The specialists will address water damage restoration along with fire damage too. Thorough checking of all sources of damages will be assessed.

4. Cleaning up

Fire damage repair is initiated finally by cleaning up smoke, dust, and soot from the surfaces, it is common to see the property charred, stained and dark after a fire mishap. Fire damage restoration company will clean up this damage to bring back your property as normal as possible. In addition, water damage restoration work also goes hand-in-hand. Any standing pools of water will be removed, dried and sanitized.

5. Repair and renovation

The final stage is to restoring the furniture and repairing the damage caused by fire. Fire damage repair of furniture can be tricky as some companies will restore and replace it with new ones. The idea of this stage is to get back your property as good as new.


Some fire damages can be avoidable and sometimes can get out of hand. Fire damage repair and restoration companies provide design advices for your rooms and to get the best smoke detectors and other means for being altered to fires early.